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The UN speech of Kukulkan

Namasté UN staff members (send 09-12-2019),
Kukulkan wants his UN Speech presented to the UN Secretary General. Dear sir, António Guterres I have set up my UN Speech and would like to bring it to your attention please. And my Maya love Enlightenment game (MLEG) business plan will follow next week and I would like to go through this presentation with you personally. So let us know your opinion and as well the date, as soon as possible, when we can meet please? 
Otherwise I will put my MLEG ( ) master plan around the date 25th of December online. But if the UN want to maintain the control over this MLEG His Excellency do not want this on the WWW without first primary consultation!
Yours sincerely, In lak’ech: Kukulkan

UN speech of Kukulkan:

What have the UN done all those years if this is the outcome we are currently living in? Or am I right that the ongoing discussions of the already 25th UN COP is formed by everyone talking about how and what they need to change in the world, but we don’t hear anyone; how can I change myself first? And herein lies the big problem, because a better world starts with yourself! And if you can’t change the world on your own, at least change yourself to make it a better world

Ancient Hopi Prophecy Rock

The answer to the future question as to why we did not save ourselves when we still had the opportunity, is as follows; the global climate and environmental crisis where we are now in can never be solved by those people who are no longer in contact with their true source. Because ANNO 30 we have lost touch with the great Spirit: HunabKú and we now live in the Age of Stupid that the ego does not even want to admit. Because of this denial and disconnection, the ego unknowingly acts from a self-destructive autopilot and is therefore unable to solve the world’s problems using the same egocentric ways of thinking that initially caused them.

Did the universe make a mistake with the ego? Certainly not! The plan of action from Kukulkan is to reconnect everyone with mother nature and with their Spirit again. So that everyone will solve their problems in their own unique way. Because we are made up of mother nature, we find in her place, participate in her, mother nature flows literally and figuratively through us, can experience this and be aware of it. So we are more mother nature than a world citizen and the true origin of mother nature is her and our sun god HunabKú (womb of creation that’s pregnant with all possibilities) the pure source of all creation and this Divine relationship we not only forgot but even forget what we have forgotten! Thanks but no thanks Vatican; you have done a good job by erase this from our history books and introducing your Bible instead of it.

This Divine ceremony for the recognition and to reconnect again with mother nature and HunabKú is easier said than done because there is a very important step / phase that cannot be explained or learned with words because you have to experience this in the Mayan love Enlightenment game (MLEG) from Kukulkan. Fortunately, in the 21st century the technology is finally available to be able to achieve this and to manifest our Promised Land together. But because science is based on seeing is believing or measuring is knowing, they often instruct us wrongfully because; “Life is more, much more than what meets the eye”! The solution to our problems, found in our Divine self cannot be seen through the limited senses, nor through our spectrum straw and the Divine self can certainly not be known with the ego mind, because it sees this as an insult (among other things). To prove our Divine self on a human level we can certainly test the benefits of meditation: take Dr. Deepak Chopra for a good example. And Kukulkan takes our Divine nature to the next level by simulating the socalled Flow of Creation, or even better Kukulkan will be the embodiment of The United Universe via his MLEG.

There’s been an Awakening and we need someone to show us our place in all of this because Kukulkan wants to surf the spiritual revolution wave that the Global Consciousness shift is producing and we want as many people as possible on board, so nobody has to drown (figuratively speaking). See the MLEG as a spiritual life raft, or Noah’s Ark, to save those who are ready for it and standing open up to this major Divine transformation. Listen carefully to the Satsang or Shunyamurti over the “Spiritual Revolution”. So please people hold on… we’ve got to be strong!

Princes of the Universe

And for this, Kukulkan needs the support of the UN, because if the UN is going to finance this endeavor, then all 194 member states can monitor the MLEG developments and even provide advice. Kukulkan is therefore open for suggestions and also to collaborate with those specialists of corporations, that have the right papers, resources, possibilities and experiences etc. 

Via The United Universe you can get in contact with Kukulkan and you can follow Kukulkan throughout his Socialmedia & Websites  )))

With greatest respect,
In lak’ech: Kukulkan 

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